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Implementation of reliability tools from the onset of the development of electronic products is key to quality, short time to market, and control over service and warranty costs.

Many different reliability tools exist e.g. DFMEA (Design failure mode effect annalysis), design review, derating, HALT (Highly Accelerated Limit Testing), life time estimation, CALT (Calibrated Accelerated Life Testing), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) etc. However, it is neither possible nor economically wise to implement all reliability tools at the same time. Optimisation increases the yield.

Yet, it may be difficult to choose between all the available tools. Get inspiration to choose the reliability tools best suited to your product, market, and resources by filling in a short questionnaire of up to 20 questions.

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Yours answers to the questionaire determines the reliability tools which will most efficiently result in the proper level of reliability.

Together with the suggested tools you get access to check lists and guidelines to the implementation of the tools.

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