What is a low resolution vision chip, how does it work and why should you use it? The webinar will include applicatioon examples.

A vision chips is an integrated circuit having both image processing and image sensing circuitry on the same die. As part of FORCE Technology and Presto Engineering’s focus on the IoT market a new low resolution vision chip has been designed suitable for applications such as object detection, object tracking and motion vector estimation. The vision chip is ideal for solutions that needs low power, low resolution and are space constrained. The vison chip is designed in a standard CMOS process which enables low production costs and integrations of both analog and digital circuitry on the same die.

In this webinar we will go through the following topics:

  • What is a vision chip.
  • Why low resolution?
  • Working principle of a vision chip.
  • Vision Algorithms.
  • Applications of low resolution vision chip.
  • Q&A