FORCE Technology has been awarded a four-year training contract with the German Havariekommando for Emergency Towing Training.

In close cooperation with the Havariekommando, The Central Command for Maritime Emergencies, a new improved 3-day course has been designed based on experience gained through the training sessions carried out since 2010.

Since the last range of courses, FORCE Technology has been developing and implementing a number of new and improved features for the Emergency Towing course.

Choose the right strategy

The new training concept focuses on the whole operational process starting with the vessel receiving a request for assistance. The participants must then collect all relevant information; plan all aspects of the towing operation including possible use of helicopter assistance to boarding team, towing hawser combinations and procedure for transfer of towing gear etc. During this part, all relevant procedures are consulted and relevant checklists checked. This leads to the actual simulator exercise to be carried out. 
If the operation is well planned, the risk of failure or incidents is minimized, and therefore part of the course is to train the ability to decode and act in an emergency situation in a safe manner.

New and improved areas and features

A new exercise area covering the German Bight including wind parks and other offshore installations has been developed, and simulation exercises for the Emergency Towing Vessels are carried out in this area. Improved wave simulation gives a more realistic behaviour and performance of the vessels. Besides the improved wave simulations, the level of realism when manoeuvring close to the casualties is enhanced by the wind lee behind them. A range of different towing hawser combinations can be simulated according to the planned hawser setup. All of the above improvements increase the level of difficulty and authenticity during the exercises. The simulations will be carried out in environmental conditions mirroring authentic conditions.

The vessels

The 7 original mathematical models of the German Emergency Towing Vessels have been updated and fine tuned in accordance with detailed full-scale trials and full-scale measurements carried out on board the vessels. The mathematical models have then been tested and approved by Captains from real ships.

When the German Havariekommando has completed the training program, their ability to perform salvage operations will have improved. The focus on the initial phase with planning and preparation for the operation will be extremely beneficial.