The potential for energy optimising the operation of ships is diverse and complex. A unique team of specialists has developed a training course highlighting these many complex technical as well as human issues.

In the beginning of 2013, FORCE Technology conducted the first course in energy-efficient ship operation with participation of Operation Managers, Technical Managers and Captains from shipowners such as Eitzen Chemical, J. Lauritzen, Nordic Tankers, Smyril Line, TORM, and Uni-Tankers.

The wide variety in both types of shipowners and the participants’ backgrounds shows the great focus on energy-efficient operation of ships. It is well known that the possible gains are immense, and the costs of harvesting these gains are minimal,” explains Sven Dyrdal, Team Leader for Onboard Systems.

Course topics

At the new course, the participants are guided through the operational and technical possibilities of improving ship performance of both newbuildings and ships in operation.

Operational topics are addressed, such as

  • SEEMP and EEOI
  • Weather routing
  • Trim guidance
  • Performance monitoring and maintenance

Technical topics are addressed, such as

  • Means of reducing the ship’s resistance through water
  • Means of increasing the ship’s propulsive efficiency
  • Waste heat recovery possibilities

Further, the course delves into the softer side of increasing fuel efficiency. By introducing human factors, simulator training of personnel in energy efficient operation, collecting of knowledge and establishing strategies for knowledge sharing, an overall improvement in fleet performance can be pursued.

Educational and practical approach

FORCE Technology is recognized for specialist competences within hydro- and aerodynamics, simulation and training of crews. At the course, these competences are transformed into practically applicable knowledge through industry examples and exercises.

The course follows the guidelines for the courses conducted in our simulator training facilities. Together with the instructors, the Department of Applied Psychology has developed a range of educational tools and practices which have proven their worth in the air traffic industry amongst others.

Due to these competences, FORCE Technology ensures a high level of knowledge transfer, thus ensuring a high course value for the participants.