7 November 2017 the Danish and Chinese maritime industries signed a new collaboration agreement focusing on green technologies and maritime safety.

20 November 2017

Delegates from the Chinese organisation Shipbuilding Information Center of China (SICC) together with Danish Maritime recently visited FORCE Technology in Lyngby. The meeting was an initial step towards a future cooperation where SICC can assist in projects between FORCE Technology and Chinese companies within the ship building industry.

The Chinese ship building industry wish to focus on green technologies and are interested in partnering with Danish companies that possess unique green-tech know-how in the field of optimisation of ship design and fuel consumption.

On 7 November 2017, SICC and Danish Maritime signed a collaboration agreement between Danish and Chinese maritime industries focusing on green technologies and maritime safety. Subsequently, Danish Maritime had selected a group of high-ranking companies relevant for the SICC to visit – one of them being FORCE Technology.

The meeting in Lyngby provided all parties with useful input and ideas to be pursued under the recently signed maritime collaboration agreement between SICC and Danish Maritime. The SICC delegates were impressed with FORCE Technology’s maritime test facilities and found them beneficial for Chinese ship building companies. In the near future, representative from FORCE Technology will meet with SICC in Shanghai to continue the collaboration.

SICC, Danish Maritime, FORCE Technology Maritime Division, maritime safety, collaboration agreement
Meeting at FORCE Technology in Lyngby where management from SICC, Danish Maritime, and FORCE Technology's Maritime Division were present.
SICC, Danish Maritime, green technologies, maritime safety, FORCE Maritime Division