With the purchase of the world’s largest air calibration facility, FORCE Technology is extending the range of accredited flow calibration services from the end of January 2018.

8 January 2018

The world’s largest air calibration facility

The home of the world’s largest loop for high-pressure calibration in Denmark is being extended with the latest investment within flow calibration. In addition to calibration of flow with natural gas, oil and water, FORCE technology can now perform accredited calibration with air for customers worldwide.

With its 14m in length and 1,8m in height, the new air facility is known as the largest of its kind in the world, especially because of its flow range capacity from 20 m3/h (Q-min) to 25000 m3/h (Q- max).

The air calibration facility can handle all types of flow meters for measurement of air and gas, including USM, turbine meters, swirl meters, coriolis meters, flare gas meters, etc. up to 50” in diameter, with flow rates beginning from 1 m3/h up to 25000 m3/h..

Air calibration under atmospheric conditions is in high demand

The reason for the new investment is a growing international demand from customers primarily in the gas and process industries for air calibration under atmospheric conditions.

Low-pressure calibration of meters with air has been a demand from gas distribution and transmission companies for a long time. Calibration with air under atmospheric conditions is often applied as an initial test of meters as it gives a good indication of the stability of the meter prior to application.

Within the process industry, air meter accuracy is an imperative in processing plants where air is distributed as part of a production process. These meters acquire calibration with air under varying pressure and flow rates.

FORCE Technology is therefore content to meet the growing demands of these two and many other industries.

Stronger profile within flow calibration

Furthermore, FORCE Technology is intent to build an internationally strong profile within flow calibration, making it easier for customers worldwide to find a broad range of flow calibration solutions at one single provider.

With this new investment, customers can place their flow meter calibrations with air, natural gas, oil and water at FORCE Technology in Denmark. 

Air calibration facility at FORCE Technology
The new air calibration facility, that is known as the largest of its kind in the world.