The SimFlex Analyser tool is used for comparing and analysing ship simulations to determine the vessel’s exact track and performance. 

16 April 2018

We have added new features to the SimFlex Analyser tool to enhance the user experience and the users’ work efficiency when analysing ship simulations. Especially, the visualisation and presentation of data have been optimised.

You can optimise the workflow by manage the simulations as a project and easily view them together or individually. Two important features have recently been added to the tool:

1. Quick overview with colour coded time tracks

As a new feature, colour coded tracks on the geographical chart have been added to visualise one or more selected parameter(s) on the track. This is an illustrative way to show the development in the simulation e.g. the distance to the sea bed or the rudder angle.

This feature is excellent for providing a quick visual overview of the results. Also, these readily available colour coded tracks can easily be shared in internal presentations and reports.

All logged parameters can be used for the coloured tracks - this includes vessel position, vessel speed, rudder angles, bottom clearance, and other relevant time series.

SimFlex Analyzer tool with colour coded tracks
Colour coded time tracks: the display shows the longitudinal speed for all loaded runs in intervals.
SimFlex Analyser with coloured time tracks for selected runs
The colored tracks shows longitudinal speed for selected run – using the ‘Low|Mid|High’ setting.

2. Vector tug operations

Another enhancement of the Analyser tool is the possibility to view vector tug operations. This new feature provides an overview of push/pull forces used during tug operations. Besides, the tool can display where on the route the tug uses pushing/pulling power during an operation.

The logged data from simulation of vector tug operations include forces, directions, and line lengths as time series and is also illustrated on the Analyser chart display.