Mobile inspection robots and automated evaluation of inspection data will play a major part in reducing costs for subcontractors, contractors, producers and owners in the wind industry.

21 September 2018

Automated inspection and maintenance is the next major need to ensure the infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels, wind turbines, power plants, and oil and gas plants. The focus is on new methods limiting production downtime as well as reducing costs related to inspection e.g. scaffolds, cranes, number of inspectors, etc.

What the future brings

Currently, we offer automated inspection equipment and monitoring systems that are imperative for securing structural integrity both in the production as well as on-site. In the future, we believe that two additional tools will enhance this work:

1. Automated evaluation

We are working on developing a system for automated evaluation (AE) of inspection data. AE will speed up the process of evaluating the enormous amount of collected data from e.g. an inspection job. It also reduces the total number of man-hours needed as specialist assessment is only required where the computer indicates troublesome findings, thus reducing the analysis time from hours to minutes. Furthermore, AE of inspection data will make the evaluation more objective and standardized by reducing human involvement.

2. Mobile inspection robots

Inspection robots capable of moving around on a structure with minimal human interference will reduce inspection costs greatly. We are looking to develop two positioning systems that can “tell” the robot where to inspect. One system for on-site inspection, where the geometry of the construction e.g. wind turbine rotor blade is a challenge that need to be considered. And one system to be used in a production environment, where the indoor environment makes it impossible to use traditional GPS systems.

Inspection equpment and monitoring systems - now and in the future

Planning on going to WindEnergy Hamburg 2018, September 25-28? You should stop by our booth if you want to discuss all aspects of inspection equipment and monitoring systems – now and in the future – with our experts within the field of automated ultrasonic inspection of wind turbines and structural monitoring systems for offshore wind turbines. 

You will find our experts at Hall B1.EG.100 – the Danish Pavilion.