A database called Denmark's Technological Infrastructure has just been launched. It contains more than 100 descriptions of technological infrastructure built at the Danish Research and Technology Institutes. This makes it easier to discover the testing and demonstration facilities made available by these institutes for Danish businesses.

10 January 2019

Where can businesses go when they want to find out if a new solution is ready to be implemented? And how can they document that a product lives up to its promises?

All this requires access to skilled personnel and facilities for testing and developing ideas, products and processes. These kinds of facilities can be found at the seven Danish Research and Technology Institutes, also known as GTS institutes. To make it easier for small and medium businesses in particular to discover these facilities, a website has been developed. It currently features descriptions of 100 GTS facilities that businesses can make use of in their research and development work.

"The purpose of this database is to give Danish businesses an overview of the many testing and demonstration facilities available at the GTS institutes. That makes it easier for these businesses to find GTS infrastructure that's relevant to them. We hope the database will encourage even more businesses to take advantage of opportunities for technologically developing their products and processes together with the GTS institutes," says Ragnar Heldt Nielsen, Director at the GTS association.

So far, there are 100 descriptions of GTS facilities. However, they do not cover the entirety of the comprehensive technological infrastructure built at the GTS institutes over the years. For this reason, the database will be continually expanded with new descriptions.