FORCE Technology supports and encourages women in technology and through participation in two organizations, is helping to create a more inclusive environment, and more opportunities for women in technology.

21 November 2019

Women In Hardware

Women in Hardware is a Nordic network for women working as embedded electronics designers, integrated electronics, artists, hackers, creatives, interaction designers, or anything to do with hardware.

This network exists to help women connect with each other, and overcome the obstacles inherent in developing new hardware.

Emerging from the worlds of art and tech, fablabs, and commercial prototype development, Women In Hardware aims to create knowledge sharing and sparring opportunities for those creating new hardware based technologies. As a network for women (or anyone who identifies as female), this network provides a space, both virtual and physical wherein women can help lift each other up, and bring more women into the world of hardware.

Women working in hardware exist few and far between, so it is our ambition to create bridges between these women, to create opportunities for women to speak at tech events, to attend tech events, to be present in decision making about hardware devices and solutions, to be part of the development of new systems which need inclusivity to avoid bias, and essentially, to be part of the future we are contributing to creating.

To join the Women in Hardware network, to find a woman working in hardware to speak at your event, or to help consult on your project, or to attend an event they are hosting or presenting at, check out the website of Women in Hardware. FORCE Technology's own Mahsa Esmaeili from Microelectronics is one of the members and founders of Women in Hardware and would love to chat more with you about it.


High5Girls is an association for young women aged 13 – 18 who are interested in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

This association creates talks, workshops, hackathons and camps for these young women and provides them with mentors and role models so they can imagine themselves – and work towards careers in STEM.

From FORCE Technology, Mahsa Esmaeili from Microelectronics is one of the role models in High5Girls and contributes by showing young women the types of careers that are possible in STEM and helping to teach them new skills.

Learn more about High5Girls on their website, and if you are a woman in tech – please sign up to be a mentor or role model!

Women in hardware
Women in hardware
Women in Hardware
Encouraging women in technology
Photo credit: Hedda Rysstad  
Woman working with STEM technology
Photo credit: Hedda Rysstad