The MEGA loop for high-pressure calibration of gas meters is set to open for calibrations in the early 2021.

7 November 2019

New MEGA loop is now designed and entering the building phase

Shortly before the summer holidays 2019, the board of directors at FORCE Technology approved the construction of a new gas flow high-pressure MEGA loop in Vejen Denmark - the home of the world’s largest closed loop.

The MEGA loop will be based on the same technology and engineering as the existing high-pressure loops, operating at stable flow and pressure all year round. Only, the MEGA loop will be two to three times the size of the existing loop, considering the length, the meter section, the meter sizes and maximum flow.

In the period since the announcement, we at FORCE Technology have been working hard to design both the building and the MEGA loop, and we have now reached the procurement phase. Thus, the next step is to begin the construction of the building.

The MEGA loop is expected to open for calibrations in 2021

We expect to have a constructed building in the late summer of 2020, and an operational laboratory in the spring of 2021, where we also expect to host a “MEGA opening” of the new facility.

We will construct the high-pressure loop in three stages:

  • Phase 1: 50000m3/h at 0-65bar with two high pressure blowers
  • Phase 2: 75000m3/h at 0-65bar with three high pressure blowers
  • Phase3: 85000m3/h0-65bar with four high pressure blowers

At the new MEGA loop, we want to meet the demands for calibration of the largest meters on the market. Therefore, the meter string, which will be 46 meters long, will be constructed in a way that makes it possible to set up and calibrate meter sizes up to 60”.

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