The visual view in our part task bridge simulator has been upgraded with LED screens to improve the quality and user experience. In addition, the bridge can now be used as a multi-bridge with a wider range of ship types.

11 February 2019

At FORCE Technology’s maritime division in Lyngby, we have several ship simulators for various training purposes, one of the simulators being a part task bridge.

More realistic experience with 150-degree + 60-degree view

We have replaced the projectors with nine interconnected 65” LED flat displays of high quality to form the front view and three 65” LED flat displays to form the rear view. Together this will give the user a horizontal view of 150 degrees ahead and 60 degrees astern (the former view was 120 degrees ahead and 40 degrees astern).

All displays are placed in portrait position to give the best vertical view. The new displays have an improved picture quality, better light/darkness contrast, and richer picture details, thereby providing the users with a much better view and more realistic experience during training sessions.

Bridge D part task bridge ship simulator
The 9 new interconnected LED flat screens provide a horizontal view of 150 degrees ahead and give the users an even more realistic experience during training sessions.

Tugs simulation training

The improved visuals and wider view mean that the bridge can be used for various types of vessels. Especially the large rear view makes the bridge excellent for tug simulations.

Engineering studies

Tow, port and other engineering studies are also ideal on the improved bridge. The visual quality makes it easier to distinguish between the various lights and signals used in a maritime environment due to the higher contrast and picture sharpness. Consequently, lights and signals can be seen even further away compared with the former projector setup.

The visual upgrade enables us to meet more of our customers’ requests for specific simulator training or study sessions such as advanced mooring studies, difficult barge tow-outs and sailing in narrow straits with icebergs.

New bridge consoles

Besides the new theatre, we recently upgraded the bridge consoles with our lighter and more flexible design layout, meaning that the bridge is highly versatile and able to meet our customers’ various demands in terms of hardware setup. All in all, it will give our course participants a great experience during their training sessions.