Medical face masks are increasingly used as personal protective equipment (PPE) in the battle against coronavirus. FORCE Technology now offers accredited medical face mask testing so that you can be confident that the product meets the requirements set forth in the standard, and that it can be documented.

7 July 2020

FORCE Technology ensures credible and statutory documentation

As an importer, manufacturer, or purchaser of face masks to be used in connection with COVID-19, it is essential that you can trust that the product lives up to these requirements before they are used.

Face masks purchased or produced outside EU often do not meet the quality and documentation requirements of the European standards. It is therefore essential to have the products tested by an accredited testing institute so that you can be confident that the products are tested according to the applicable requirements of the standard and that you are assured the right quality and documentation.

Accredited test of face masks

FORCE Technology is accredited by DANAK for personal protective equipment, and through a partner, we can also offer accredited testing of non-active medical devices including face masks according to the applicable standard DS/EN 14683:2019+AC:2019, which replaces the previous EN 14683:2019

In addition to full testing, we offer screenings of materials or prototypes and sampling. That way, as an importer or manufacturer, you can get a quick idea of the material or the product’s breathability, filtration ability, or splash resistance, and thus whether it makes sense to proceed to a full test.

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