FORCE Technology can now offer manufacturers of electronic equipment safety marking, which is mandatory in USA and Canada and a state-of-the-art quality stamp for equipment placed on the market in Denmark and globally.

3 December 2020

FORCE Technology has entered into a formal agreement with the international marking company MET Laboratories, so that our IECEE CB Scheme certified test reports secures MET marking directly, without the products having to be retested or sent to MET Laboratories. And the factory inspection, which takes place twice a year, is carried out by the same safety specialists that the manufacturers know from their test projects at FORCE Technology. 

MET Laboratories thus acknowledges that they trust FORCE Technology's accredited and certified test reports and accept them as a basis for achieving MET marking. 

Specifically, this means that with an IECEE CB Scheme certified report from FORCE Technology, you can get MET marking within five working days from MET Laboratories receives the reports from FORCE Technology. Everything is handled by FORCE Technology without any hassle for the product manufacturer. 

What is MET marking? 

The MET mark is the world's oldest NRTL mark. NRTL, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories, is the North American marking scheme for products for professional use. An NRTL mark is mandatory as proof of the fact that the product is safety approved in accordance with applicable laws and standards and can be sold on the North American market. 

What are the benefits of MET marking? 

An NRTL mark is a regulatory requirement for products in North America when these products are to be used for professional purposes. In other words, when products are used by workers, regardless of where the use takes place. 

Since the MET mark is the world's oldest NRTL mark, it is not only required in North America, but also highly recognised and widely used internationally. The MET mark shows that the conformity tests have taken place with the very highest accredited and certified quality. 

MET Laboratories works fast when product manufacturers arrive via FORCE Technology: Five business days from when FORCE Technology submits the IECEE CB Scheme certified reports, the mark is issued to the manufacturer. Authorities require at least two annual factory inspections upon marking, and unlike other NRTL marks, MET does not require additional inspections. The inspections are conducted by FORCE Technology's own staff when it takes place in Denmark. Thus, the manufacturers' costs of inspections can be kept at a minimum. 

The products are tested and approved by FORCE Technology in Denmark, which saves manufacturers time and the hassle of having to send their products to North America for testing.