2020 marks the 80th anniversary of FORCE Technology. Our story is also the story of the technological development in the Danish industry.

25 October 2020

It started with two welded steam boilers from Switzerland. They came to Denmark in 1938 with the permission of the authorities, because the Swiss machine factory could document that the boilers had been X-rayed and approved. It got the Danish industry thinking. Because why couldn’t we X-ray approve boilers in Denmark?

Two years later, on October 25, 1940, Svejsecentralen was founded - the company that later became FORCE Technology. The small company that 80 years ago grew out of the need to x-ray and approve welding of steam boilers, is today a large and complex business. We have 16 business areas, 1,100 employees and activities in many countries. Every year, thousands of customers entrust us with their products, materials or structures and follow our advice.

The story of FORCE Technology is also the story of the technological development in the Danish industry. Since the beginning, we have helped companies through major technological transformations: From oil adventures to wind turbines. From people at assembly lines to robot technology. And we have put our fingerprints on such diverse technology as the Hubble Telescope and the first Danish insulin pump.

As a GTS institute, we are also an important part of the backbone of the Danish innovation system, and we are helping to accelerate Danish innovation and strengthen Danish competitiveness - in these years with a special focus on digitization and sustainability.

Due to the corona pandemic, the celebration has been postponed to 2021. But we would like to thank all the customers and partners who, together with us, have helped to drive technological development forward over the past 80 years.

Photography with a 1-pole X-ray tube
Svejsecentralen's first X-ray machine from 1940 was large and difficult to handle. There was one engineer and one technician on each x-ray team.