We will demonstrate our new jack-up facility at Asia Pacific Maritime 2016

14 March 2016
by Tanja Hai, Danish Export Association

FORCE Technology has developed a new jack-up facility that enables the entire transitional period from DP to leg touchdown,  soft pinning of the legs and to jacking up to be simulated very accurately. By using the facility, offshore operators and ship owners can reduce the risk of accidents and cut down operational costs. 

The jack-up facility has already been sold to a large private operator based in Singapore that is using the simulator in order to be able to optimize security when operating in the open sea. 
“The offshore industry is focusing very much on how to optimize the security for the crew. Accidents happen in the industry and incidents can potentially be very dangerous for the people working on the jack-up rig or the self-propelled jack-up. Furthermore, it is very expensive for the operator or ship owner if an accident happens,” says Michael Arnskov, Sales Manager, FORCE Technology. 

Realistic training and exercise
With the new jack-up facility the entire transitional period from DP to leg touchdown, soft pinning of the legs and to jacking up can be simulated in virtual reality. The system is one of the first in the world that is able to allow for the actual stiffness of the seabed combined with the bearing capacity of the legs. 
“This means that the operators are able to obtain highly realistic training and exercise scenarios because the jack-up facility is so accurate. When the crew is able to train the operations before going through with them in the open sea, they become much more confident and this leads to less accidents,” says Michael Arnskov and continues: “The crew knows that the operation can actually be done in the weather conditions that are in force when operating. To the ship owner or operator this means that they do not have to cancel very expensive operations because of unexpected conditions.” 

FORCE Technology is demonstrating the new simulator at Asia Pacific Maritime in Hall A, booth A-S35. The company will be exhibiting in the Danish pavilion along with 22 Danish companies in Hall A.