Over 5000 visited the 2017 cruise and river cruise convention Seatrade Europe held in Hamburg, which had more than 260 exhibitors from 40 countries. 

20 September 2017

This is a marked increase compared to the 2015 event and reflects that the growth in the European cruise market is showing no signs of slowing down. The exhibition was dominated by ports and clusters of ports catering for the cruise industry. 

Presentations addressing river cruises point at a future with larger and more luxuries vessels with bigger cabins and more comfort to satisfy more demanding passengers.  

FORCE Technology presented a mobile ship bridge simulator and invited visitors to berth a cruise liner in the Port of Hamburg or to take a trip in the arctic amongst ice floes and icebergs. Others experienced how difficult it can be - and the actual - skills required, to manoeuvre a larger river boat down the Danube in a following.

The mobile simulator is designed to be used anywhere and can quickly be mobilised and deployed to a client’s premises for onsite training or engineering purposes. 

Photo of the transportable simulator at Seatrade