FORCE Technology are proud to announce that we have now officially become acknowledged as an accredited testing laboratory of European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

17 June 2020

For the customers and stakeholders of EHEDG this means that there will continue to be a facility for testing in Denmark mainly serving the northern part of Europe.

“At FORCE Technology we are very much looking forward to serving both existing and new costumers of the Danish EHEDG testing laboratory and be a partner in sustaining the business of companies who seek EHEDG certification. This is a unique opportunity for us to extend our service to those companies who aim at the highest standards of product safety” says Vice President Søren Gothil Hansen. 

The testing laboratory is embedded in a dedicated facility for hygienic design – the Center for Hygienic Design. The purpose of the Center is to provide access to state-of-the-art knowledge concerning hygienic design and product safety for the food, biotech and pharma industry.

These industries will in future rely even more on sound design principles, certified hygienic components and procedures which allow a high degree of cleanability, optimal cost of ownership and extended lifetime of equipment to be a build-in factors in their production facilities. Therefore, we are building the knowledge base continuously by conducting industry relevant development projects and facilitate access to international university research communities.

We aim to become an integral partner for our customers to assist them in reaching their goals of setting high standards for hygienic performance and sustainability. One element in this is our training programs, which includes standard courses as well as individually tailored training conducted on site in companies.

Alan Friis who is managing the daily operations of the Center for Hygienic Design is besides being EHEDG Authorized Evaluation Officer (AEO) also an EHEDG Authorized Trainer. Alan is an active member in several working groups of EHEDG concerning guideline development and additionally member of the Danish Standards committee S-246 which concerns EU harmonized standards for food processing machinery.