It is important for us to act responsibly. Therefore, we are working to reduce our climate footprint and our negative environmental impact. We have, for example, been ISO 14001 certified.

9 May 2022

It is a stated goal of FORCE Technology that we want to make the world safer and more sustainable. Consequently, we are continuously trying to reduce our climate footprint and limit our negative environmental impact, and we have, among other things, been ISO 14001 certified.

The environmental certification is a natural extension of our ISO 9001 certification, and the work of optimizing our waste processes, chemical management, energy consumption and emergency preparedness has been significantly strengthened with the environmental certification. The new procedures are part of our daily work, and we take environmental issues into account in everything we do - both internally and externally when we solve problems for our customers.

We have, among other things:

  • Improved our waste processes
  • Improved our chemical management
  • Prepared climate accounts and targets for reductions
  • Updated contingency plans and introduced more emergency drills
  • Completed internal audits
  • Set environmental goals.