The new Experimentarium opened on January 26th, 2017 welcoming children and adults to play in their 16 interactive universes, where ’The Port’ with our ship simulator is one of them.

There are many reasons why a port is one of the universes as this is an area that entails many learning opportunities for the children: “It is all about understanding how our global world works and what role ship traffic, global trade and oil extraction plays within it,” says Christoffer Muusmann, exhibition developer at Experimentarium.

The guests can try to sail the exhibitions big ship as well as simulate global trade in a giant marble run. This way they learn a lot about geometry and physics through the exercises in ‘the port’.

A special ship simulator for a special audience

Experimentarium had no doubt that a ship simulator would be an essential part of the port universe as it would give the children an understanding of how difficult it is to maneuver a ship without it being so difficult that they give up.

As the ship simulator at Experimentarium is no ordinary simulator, it was important that the supplier understood how the simulator should be designed: “We were not looking for an off the shelve solution. It is important that the simulator software is tailored to fit our needs. That’s why it was crucial that the supplier understood that this was a special assignment for a special audience. It was a big advantage that FORCE Technology had previously developed ship simulators for museum use,” explains Christoffer.

Captain for a day

The ship simulator consists of a realistic bridge with a view of the ocean. The children can try different missions – all with the common feature of maneuvering a ship.
The current assignment is a rescue mission taking place in Oresund where a captain and his crew have capsized and needs saving. 

The simulator is different from the other amusements in the universe:” A lot of the amusements in ’the port’ copy the real situations. The simulator contributes by being very realistic. The children are also very fascinated by the screens and graphics”.

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