A new industry survey aims to map the greatest technological challenges and needs in connection with digitalisation and green transition in 2020.

2 October 2020

Both in the political and business sector, there is a strong focus on the opportunities and challenges created by digitalisation and green transition.

But how far has the industry come with digitizing and adapting to a greener agenda in 2020? And where does the industry experience the greatest technological challenges in connection with digitalization and green transformation? This survey aims to answer this.

The results from the survey will form a report that provides a status of the technological challenges and needs within the life-science industry in Denmak.

Who can participate in the survey?

If you work in a company in the life science industry, your participation in the survey is very valuable. As a participant, you can have the report sent to you directly. The report will be available by the end of 2020.

It takes 5-15 minutes to complete the questionnaire and your responses will be anonymous. Join the survey here 

If you have any questions, please contact FORCE Technology at contact@forcetechnology.com

The survey is conducted by FORCE Technology (GTS) in collaboration with