This is a significant accomplishment which compliments FORCE Technology’s national accreditation schemes.

6 January 2020

The accreditation was awarded in November 2019 following a comprehensive audit performed by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), against the highest standards for process controls, test completion, and validation.

“With more than 60 years of experience, we have gained excessive technical expertise and knowhow for customers within the aerospace and defense industries. NADCAP accreditation is an important part of our continued progression and I am glad that NADCAP has recognized our hard, dedicated work within material testing”, says Eric Putnam, Head of Department, FORCE Technology. “Our existing and new customers will continue to receive the highest quality and in-depth technology consultancy on their material testing assignments.”

NADCAP, short for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, is a global cooperative accreditation program for aerospace engineering, defense, and related industries. Supported and adopted by the major OEM manufacturers within above industries, the program is administered by the performance Review Institute (PRI), and was established in 1990 by SAE international.

Søren Gothil Hansen, Vice President, Business Unit Executive at FORCE Technology, said; “Each and every member of the team played their part and should rightly be proud of this recognition. Quality is consistently the priority focus in our strategic plans and goals. With the NADCAP approval we seek to maintain our leadership as a trusted partner and continue providing our customers with the highest standards of materials testing”.  

About FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology is an international technology service provider with our headquarters in Denmark. As a Danish GTS, advanced technology service company, we are operating and developing a unique set of innovative and market leading facilities, technologies, and competencies for the benefit of the whole of society and business.

FORCE Technology employs 1300 people throughout Scandinavia and the world and provides a diverse set of services to more than 9000 clients annually across 50 different disciplines. From testing to calibration to inspection to training FORCE Technology has time and again proven itself as a trusted provider and partner across disciplines and across borders.

For additional information about our materials testing services and the recently obtained NADCAP accreditation, please contact Eric Putnam at +45 4325 0198 /