As of 1 November 2018, Allan Grønkær Kristensen has assumed his role as head of our testing department in Aarhus, performing product tests and approval. His leadership and professional skills in the fields of electronics, acoustics, and EMC strengthen the business, benefiting our customers and colleagues alike.

26 November 2018

Allan Grønkær Kristensen has been with DELTA/FORCE technology for 21 years. During that time, he held various positions at the company, mainly in the area of technical audiology, development of new services and process optimisation. Allan has also spearheaded the development of the noiseLAB and Wind Turbine Measurement System programmes, both used in acoustics.

During the last six years, Allan has been the head of our testing department in Odense. It includes our Technical Audiology business, which approves private audiology clinics in Denmark and performs certified testing for the global hearing aid industry. For almost 20 years, he has played an active part in EMC standardisation for hearing aids.

Skills at our customers' disposal

Allan will remain responsible for the Odense department, in addition to his duties at the testing department in Aarhus.

"I'm excited to put our wide array of skills at our customers' disposal, so that our customers experience a sense of closeness and professionalism as they gain insight into their products and get them approved," says Allan Grønkær Kristensen.

Before Allan began working with DELTA, he performed a range of acoustics-related work, including active noise suppression for motorcycle helmets and developing scales for maritime use. He has also taught courses on electronics and mathematics at the Odense Technical School of Engineering (now part of the University of Southern Denmark). He is trained as an electrician and has an education as electronics engineer, specialising in electroacoustics.

A one-stop-shop for great customer experiences

The Aarhus department serves as a one-stop-shop, offering services in a variety of fields including EMC, electrical safety, and product reliability. The department's comprehensive testing facilities attract customers from Danish and foreign businesses alike.

For Allan, meeting with customers is where the fun starts. This is where we have an opportunity to display our many years of experience and our large network, spanning all of FORCE Technology:

"It's important to me that the customers feel secure and confident in their personal interactions with our experts, and with the comprehensive background we have here at FORCE Technology, with hundreds of product and technical testing specialists. This network of knowledge is what makes us really special and unique."

Allan Grønkær Kristensen is our new Head of Product Compliance department in Aarhus. The site performs product tests and approval within the field of e.g. EMC, electrical safety, and product reliability.