FORCE Technology has gathered all of its IoT competencies and knowledge concerning the innovative use of IoT technology in a new, powerful IoT business unit named 'IoT, Data & Services Innovation.'

20 February 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving, but IoT is still, for many companies, difficult to address, partly because it requires interdisciplinary skills and an understanding of the intersection of technology and business development. To meet the need for impartial sparring and help to get started, FORCE Technology has combined its IoT competencies into one business unit to best serve the industry during the IoT transition process.

Traditionally, IoT technology has been spread across various disciplines within the FORCE Technology organisation. By gathering knowledge and skills in one place, we have been able to create a powerful IoT unit which maintains its professional connection with the rest of the company.

The 'IoT, Data & Services Innovation' business unit includes, among other entities, IdemoLab and, and strengthens the GTS collaboration with the Alexandra Institute at the Nordic IoT Centre.

An experienced leader in charge

Leading the newly formed IoT unit of approx. 20 employees is Søren Bronnée Sørensen, whose professional profile shows 20 years of experience in digital innovation and transformation - most recently as Vice President of Devoteam. In his new role at FORCE Technology, he is happy to focus on what he calls 'applied innovation'.

“We work with applied innovation - that is, create usable IoT solutions that companies can make direct use of. My team’s innovative approach to problem-solving, combined with their deep expertise in electronics and hardware, enables them to quickly create prototypes that clearly show how an IoT solution can be implemented. That is a clear strength, ”says Søren B Sørensen.

Focus on IoT, data and services innovation

There is a natural explanation for making these three segments - IoT, data and service innovation - part of the new business unit.

FORCE Technology's IdemoLab team has worked with sensors, hardware development and digital innovation projects for several years. In line with the increased use of sensors in IoT solutions, the time has come to bring this deep professional insight into play along with other parts of the business.

Sensors allow IoT solutions to collect and forward data. Data is thus a central part of the IoT solutions - not least in an industrial context, where the use of preventive maintenance of machines, for instance, is becoming more widespread.

Data collected from IoT devices can be used to create new innovative services. It is a field that our team has already helped several traditional industrial companies on their path towards servitization.

Spotting new technology

One of the tasks for the new IoT business unit is to spot new technology worldwide that can benefit Danish companies, and then to bring that technology home to Denmark.

“As a GTS institute, it is a natural task for us to keep track of developments in technology and bring new technology home to Denmark to be used by businesses to create innovative solutions,” says Søren B Sørensen.

Unleash the great Danish IoT potential

Although Denmark, as a society, has come a long way when it comes to digitalisation, there is still a great untapped potential in terms of using more advanced technology. The new IoT business unit will take part in realising that potential.

"As an independent and impartial partner, FORCE Technology's mission is to help private companies and the public sector discover and realize the potential to be found in moving from analogue to digital business processes," says Søren B Sørensen and continues:

“Our role is to facilitate the development process, help shape the right IoT solution and to make connections among the right people in the often difficult to understand IoT ecosystem. Then it is up to the industry itself to prepare the final IoT solution."