On 1 September 2019, Thomas Ohm became FORCE Technology’s Vice President of Product Compliance. Product Compliance mainly serves the Scandinavian electronics and equipment industry with testing, consultancy and product approvals and originates from the merger with DELTA in 2016.

Thomas Ohm joins FORCE Technology from a position as CEO of Loxam. Before joining Loxam, Thomas was for more than 10 years the CEO of KONE A/S. Thomas has also held significant managerial positions with TDC Solutions, Invensys APV, GN NetTest A/S, and Hewlett-Packard A/S.

"With Thomas at the head of our Product Compliance team and facilities, we further strengthen our efforts to ensure that Danish industry, in particular, can maintain a competitive and high-tech development and production in Denmark", says Juan Farré, CTO at FORCE Technology, regarding the choice of Thomas Ohm.

"Every year, more than 9,000 companies trust us with their products, materials or structures for, for instance, testing or advanced analysis. Our impartial role puts us in both a humble but also unique position, together with the industry, to shape the future towards the further use of new technology, which is also safe and well-tested and provides Danish quality products," continues Juan Farré elaborating on how Danish industry to an even greater extent need to accelerate efforts in the areas of, for instance, Artificial intelligence.

Thomas Ohm welcomes the new challenge: "I look forward to continuing the very positive developments that Product Compliance has experienced. We play a crucial role for Danish developers of electronics and appliances who can get impartial advice from employees with great professional skills and access to testing in facilities that are essential for obtaining technical documentation and approval. That position contains an even greater potential, which I, in a continuous dialogue with customers and partners, want to unlock".

In August 2019, FORCE Technology opened a brand-new laboratory for Product Compliance in Århus, Denmark. The new laboratory contains several test facilities to test the climatic and environmental influences on electronic products, thereby ensuring their reliability and quality.