We recently opened the doors to our new VTS training station, adding to the realism of our VTS courses.

6 April 2017

The new room includes two VTS stations with surveillance screens directly connected to our ship bridge simulators. This way the VTS operators have the full overview of the coastal traffic on the bridge through radar and surveillance screens. 

During our VTS courses a realistic situational overview is extremely important to ensure a successful communication between VTS operators and the pilots on the simulator bridge.

The equipment

The equipment in the station is a replica of what is usually found in ‘real’ VTS stations. We apply the same surveillance system as the Norwegian VTS stations, which is linked up to our own ship bridge simulator. This way the VTS operators are exposed to the same screen images as they are used to from their daily work.

“Because of the high degree of realism the participants will have the same experience during our courses as they do in their daily jobs. As we feed the VTS system with information from our simulators we are able to simulate all the typical factors of uncertainty that are connected to wrongful data from real life situations. The realism of the VTS simulator adds to the learning transfer during the courses and gives the participants better working conditions”, concludes Carl Thue Rabjerg, Senior Instructor at FORCE Technology.

One of our two VTS stations.