Despite the low oil prices, we still have numerous ways to help companies in the energy sector. These will be discussed at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from May 2-5 2016.

28 April 2016

The offshore market is going through a rough period. However, we provide many interesting hydro and aerodynamic services, which can help to provide safe and optimal offshore solutions, which still are essential even in a tough market.

“We want to discuss our services with the visitors as well as get their view on the future challenges they are facing and how we can assist them in the development of their technical solutions,” says Claus Daniel Simonsen, Head of Department for Hydro & Aerodynamic services at FORCE Technology.

Besides black offshore oil, there is a potential in floating offshore structures in other areas. Sales Manager at FORCE Technology, Mikkel Moesmand Tolstrup, explains, “As a result of the decreasing oil prices, people in the offshore industry are finding alternative markets where they can utilize their expertise, for instance within sustainable energy production and marine application. This has resulted in an increased focus on design of floating wind turbine platforms and fish farms. These projects allow them to use some of the same skills as used for design floating of oil rigs and in this process they still need for example assessment of loads and motions of the structures through model testing"

"Our Engineers have the knowledge, tools and facilities to conduct these kinds of tests- regardless of whether we are testing structures for an oil rig or a windmill farm” adds Claus.

A complete service partner

For offshore structures, it is not only the motions and hydrodynamic loads on the part below water that are important. Also aerodynamic loads and airflow behaviour for the above water part is important. Further, when it comes to wind turbines dealing with the turbine itself is complicated to obtain the correct properties. This is where we can help our clients effectively, since we both offer hydro and aerodynamic testing. “We have performed tests on oil and windmill platforms in our tank and wind tunnels and we also have special model designs for the mills. We are one of the few companies in the world that offers both tank and wind tests under the same roof,” concludes Mikkel.

The visitors should stop by our stand if they want to discuss all aspects of their future projects with experts within the field of offshore Hydro and Aerodynamics.

Meet us at booth number 5465 at OTC 2016

Wind turbine model in our wind tunnel
Wind turbine model in our wind tunnel