Three Danish ministers witnessed the signing of a strategically important commercial contract between FORCE Technology and Tongfang Environment CO., Ltd.

19 September 2014

FORCE Technology’s and other Danish companies’ potential for doing business with the Chinese is huge, especially within clean-air technologies, biomass and waste incineration. This much was clear, when this past Thursday a delegation headed by three Danish ministers visited Beijing’s largest CHP plant and witnessed the signing of a strategically important commercial contract between FORCE Technology and Tongfang Environment CO., Ltd.

As the world’s largest growth economy, China consumes a lot of energy and emits large quantities of hazardous and contaminating nitrogen and sulphur compounds from the many coal fired power stations. The vast country in the Far East will soon face a switch-over from coal to green energy such as e.g. wind turbines and biomass and – and this is where many doors may open to Danish companies for them to broach their competences and solutions to Chinese players in the fields of energy and waste incineration, recounts Nis Hansen, Managing Director, FORCE Technology (Beijing) CO., Ltd.

On Thursday, Nis Hansen signed the new agreement on supply of Danish clean-air technologies for reduction of the air pollution in China, and in this connection he had a lengthy conversation with the Minister for the Environment, Kirsten Brosbøl and they discussed Danish clean-air-companies’ potential as a consequence of the new and more tightened Chinese rules within the field of air. Nis Hansen was also granted the opportunity of shaking hands with the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Nis Hansen listened to several speeches, among those one from a high-ranking representative of Tongfang Environment CO., Ltd.

- I am pleased that our customer is represented by the General Manager Leping Tang from Tongfang Environment CO., Ltd. He indicated that they are very pleased with our long-standing cooperation and they look forward to intensifying it. It is also very positive that the Chinese see the potential for co-operating with Danish companies, e.g. within biomass and waste incineration Nis Hansen says.

Intensifying the stance at the Chinese market 

With FORCE Technology management foresees many possibilities of entering into new cooperative relations in China as a consequence of the country’s switch-over to green energy. Therefore, FORCE Technology main office in Beijing is expanded with an extra employee.
With the visit from the Danish delegation our activities have been immensely promoted. We expect to get more and more projects from China. With our well-established position at the Chinese market for clean-air technologies and with our many years’ competences from the Danish market, we form a good starting point for entering into new agreements with Chinese customers within biomass and waste incineration. Nis Hansen / FORCE Technology