A new centre at Lindø will ripen already developed technologies aimed at the offshore industry. This will ensure that technologies developed in the laboratory will take effect quickly in the industry.

15 January 2015

The offshore industry in Denmark is under pressure from low income areas. This means loss of Danish jobs, which could have been maintained by new technologies as a lever for enhancing productivity and quality. A new centre will help the offshore industry maintain its competitiveness.

The new centre is called Odense Port and has been established by FORCE Technology and Lindø Offshore Renewable Centre (LORC). At the centre, already developed technologies will ripen in close cooperation with the industry. Large scale facilities with state-of-the-art welding technologies have been established and one of the most powerful welding facilities in Europe will be located here.

”The vision with Odense Port is to create jobs and to get technology working in the industry. In FORCE Technology we have developed several ground-breaking technologies aimed at the offshore industry, but it has been difficult to implement the technologies in the companies. 

The new centre brings us closer to the industry, and this way we ensure that the technologies are actually used in practice. You could say that we move from the laboratory to the floor of the industry” recounts Torben Lorentzen, research and development manager with FORCE Technology.

As a GTS company FORCE Technology has developed many different technologies with the purpose of promoting productivity in welding, and with this activity we are given a much better opportunity of lifting several productivity promoting technologies into an industrial environment.

”The new centre is a great opportunity for the industry. By using the facilities and implementing the technologies, it will be able to enhance efficiency, productivity and quality – and that is the only way, if we are to compete with low-income-countries”, says Torben Lorentzen.