Our climate chamber and mechanical test bench are ideal for full-scale tests for the offshore sector among others. An accelerated lifetime test documents your product quality.

3 October 2016

A new component and foundation test centre for advanced full-scale tests is being built at the former Danish shipyard, Lindoe. The facility will offer a wide range of options for the offshore sector as well as for manufacturers of ships, rescue equipment, lorries and tankers.

In both the climatic chamber and the mechanical test bench, companies will be able to commission extremely reliable accelerated lifetime tests. The test results will help in reducing the cost of energy and ensure the manufacturers a competitive design.

The climatic chamber will be 8 x 8 x 14 metres – large enough for at tank. We will also be able to carry out the functional test of e.g. air conditioning systems for wind turbines to ensure secure operations in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +60°C, in humid conditions and in sea spray. 

Siemens will be inaugurating the test bench with the testing of a new k-node for at wind turbine foundation as part of a publicly financed project under the Energy Technology Development and Demonstrations programme (EUDP). Each k-node weighs 20 tonnes.

Lindoe Component and Structure Testing a/s will be operated as a partnership between the Lindoe offshore Renewables Center (LORC) and FORCE Technology. We will be responsible for daily operation, including test design, results evaluation and consulting regarding improvements of design, materials and processes.

Mechanical test of large structures
The mechanical test bench tests the lifetime of your large components
Climatic chamber for test of large components
The climate chamber simulates the environment your structures are exposed to