High-pressure calibration of gas meters reaches new heights at FORCE Technology

8 June 2015

FORCE Technology now offers high-pressure calibration services at our brand new closed loop for high-pressure calibration of gas meters with natural gas.

On 13 May 2015, Øjvind Andersen Clement, CFO at FORCE Technology, officially opened the company’s new high-pressure calibration loop – the largest facility of its kind in the world and one of the largest investments in the history of FORCE Technology. The aim of this unique technology is to meet the demands and requirements of the worldwide natural gas industry.

The idea for the closed loop developed for the first time in the late 1990s and has slowly taken shape over the last decade. “The project was not without bumps and challenges,” says Øjvind Andersen Clement, who continues, “but luckily Department Manager Jesper Busk and his creative team had the determination to create a technology that meets the existing and future demands of the industry.”

Many options and high service level

In addition to a high-pressure loop for calibration of gas meters, the new facility also comprises a piston prover system for establishing traceability to the SI unit ‘meter’. This allows FORCE Technology to calibrate at stable flow, pressure and temperature as well as to calibrate all measuring meters in the pressure area from 3 bar/40 PSI to 65 bar/945 PSI.

Furthermore, calibration services can be tailored to best suit customer needs. Offering high flexibility as regards point-in-time for calibration, 24-7 calibration and even a visitors’ room where customers can observe the calibration of their meters live or via remote access and camera.

All-around industry experts

FORCE Technology’s cooperation with the global oil and gas industry is not limited to the measurement of gas and liquid flow. The company also supplies a range of other services, including design recommendations, failure analysis and investigations, chemical analysis, metallurgical analysis, joining, monitoring and testing services. “We can assist throughout the whole project, from the initial feasibility studies to construction design, safety and environmental assessments for commissioning, adjustment and final decommissioning,” explains Øjvind Andersen Clement.

A global leader in technical consulting and services, FORCE Technology develops highly specialised engineering know-how to develop practical and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of businesses and industries. “We constantly follow developments in the oil & gas industry, keeping pace with current demands and staying one-step ahead with respect to future challenges. New solutions, like our high-pressure calibration loop, are products of these efforts. And we will continue to strive for excellence in future cooperation with existing and new partners and customers,” concludes Øjvind Andersen Clement.