Plastic degrades much faster than most other materials. Therefore, FORCE Technology carries out research and development activities within plastics and composites, e.g. in PlastNet.

9 December 2014

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, it was believed that plastic was indestructible, but we know now that plastic has limited service life. Even so, today plastic materials are present in everything from aircrafts to the containers in which we keep our food.

Technological rise for plastic manufacturers

FORCE Technology now intensifies the efforts to increase Danish companies’ knowledge of plastic degradation. This takes place in co-operation with Danish industry on the one hand and the universities on the other, e.g. through the innovation network PlastNet.

The network, in which we participate through several projects, is a national network consisting of universities, FORCE Technology as a GTS company and industrial businesses taking an interest in plastics.

The PlastNet project on degradation of plastics enables companies to test and put more specific requirements to their suppliers and to choose the most suitable materials. Businesses will also be provided with tools that enable them to better and faster assess the service life of their products. Even large companies with long-standing plastic/polymer traditions may find the new knowledge useful, such as e.g. LEGO.

Process development with LEGO

”Through the PlastNet co-operation, we elucidate various issues much more thoroughly and extensively than in our day-to-day routine, where we are often forced to make rash decisions. We are granted access to much more knowledge, analysis equipment and not least experts at plastics, who are able to interpret the results”, says Søren Kristiansen, Director of Polymer Technology at LEGO System A/S.

’’A fantastic sale in LEGO products has entailed that we must produce more and faster’’, Søren Kristiansen continues. ’’This places increased demands on materials and production processes, and FORCE Technology can help by developing analysis methods and validating, whether the materials can withstand the heavier loads from the process”, clarifies Søren Kristiansen.

With LEGO System, the project is very significant for future production processes. ”FORCE Technology holds an incredible amount of experience as regards degradation of plastics/polymers. You have the ready knowledge, the equipment and the competences that facilitate our process development”, concludes Søren Kristiansen at LEGO System.