In order to strengthen our customer support and service and we have re-organised the SimFlex support and production team.

16 April 2018

Our former International Sales Manager, Lasse Bonde Christiansen, has signed up as Senior Project Manager in the support and production team.  A few years ago, Lasse was a Project Manager in our team, and has now returned as he was missing the atmosphere in the production team. We are delighted to have him back.

His main assignment is to deliver simulators and equipment as well as providing service and support to our customers around the world, mainly regarding the data and simulator software. Most of you have already met or talked to Lasse on the phone and know how dedicated he is in servicing customers.

Another new colleague in the support and production team is Marianne Vinge Schröter, a 3D artist, who has replaced Arvid Gudmundsson. Marianne has more than 25 years of experience within visualization, she has been thoroughly trained by Arvid before he left and is already well into production and ship and area models.

Finally, Marianne Eskildsen has chosen to leave FORCE Technology which made room for Christian Vejlgaard to become Team Leader. Christian will continue with the service and support function in general.

However, to strengthen the support as well as adding flexibility to the team, our highly skilled technicians, Lars Agvald Tarborg and Peter Tyroll, will participate in the daily support on a more frequent level. They have previously worked with production and installation of our simulator systems but their know-how on the software part is now to be fully utilised.

The support and production team look forward to continuing to provide good service to our customers in the future.

The SimFlex support and production team consists of (from left to right) Christian Vejlgaard, Marianne Vinge Schröter, Lars Agvald Tarborg, Peter Tyroll, and Lasse Bonde Christiansen.