A new force calibration machine provides Danish corporations access to a wide service palette for calibration of measuring equipment. The machine is the only one of its kind in Denmark and it’s taking possession has been quite unique.

19 June 2017

With its height of more then 4,5 meters and an impressive weight of 9 tons, the force calibration machine burst the settings in the laboratory at FORCE Technology in Brøndby, just outside Copenhagen. Just like Snow white in the house of the dwarfs, the machine was too tall to be standing up inside. So, the building had to grow with the machine.

A hole in the roof

Prior to moving day, a hole in the roof was cut to make room for the machine. A crane gently lowered down parts of the machine through the hole. Underneath were six people ready to assemble the force calibration machine piece by piece, while they were working their way from the floor and all the way up under the roof.

Force Technology invested in the machine one and a half year ago, so it’s arrival has been long awaited. After a month of assembly and multiple weeks of testing, the newest addition in the laboratory for calibration of power measuring equipment guarantees an accurate calibration and a lead-time of 7-14 days.

The only one of its kind in Denmark

The fully automatic force calibration machine can handle pressure and force up to 200 tons (2.000 kN) with an accuracy of 0,02% relative. This makes the machine five times more accurate than existing force calibration equipment on the Danish market.

This new force calibration machine is unique on the Danish market, and due to the high accuracy at large loads, the machine will especially benefit industries such as the wind turbines, offshore, construction and the service sector, which all apply dynamometers, force transducers, hydraulic jacks and material test machines.

For further information about the new force calibration machine, please contact Aykurt Altintas.

The force calibration machine arrived unassembled to Brøndby.
The machine is placed on an exact spot on the floor.
The bottom of the machine is in place.
The machine is being assembled
The hole in the roof makes it possible to assemble the machine.
The last elements are being prepared...
.. to be lowered through the hole in the roof.
The force calibration machine is assembled and stands tall with it's 4,5 m.