On Thursday 14th of December, the Turkish Minister for Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication visited our wind tunnel facilities in Lyngby, Denmark. 

15 December 2017

With him was a delegation of 70 people including two members of the Turkish Parliament and the Turkish ambassador to Denmark.

The Minister witnessed two wind tunnel tests of the world's longest suspension bridge. The bridge will have a free span of 2,023 meters and is to be built over the Dardanelle Strait located at the western end of the Marmara Sea in Turkey. It is the first suspension bridge with a span of more than 2,000 meters.

In the wind tunnels, we will determine the wind-induced response of the pylon by testing a freestanding pylon as well as a section of the pylon's legs to see if a modified design of the pylon will minimize the wind impact and thus optimize the stability of the bridge.

The Minister and Øjvind Clement Andersen, CEO at FORCE Technology
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