One of our ship models now decorates the square in front of Danish Maritime’s house at Symfonivej 18 in Herlev.

“We are very happy with it. Now the people passing by are able to see that something maritime takes place here and at the same time the model is an innovative element, which is very important to the maritime industry, says Jenny N. Braat, CEO at Danish Maritime.

Peter K. Sørensen, Vice President at FORCE Technology who donated the model adds:

“Now that they have sufficient room for the model, this is an opportunity for us to congratulate them on their new headquarters”.

The ship model has been used to test e.g. the water resistance on the ship in our towing tank. The model is characterised by it’s bow in the front and the characteristic lines of a container ship below the water surface.

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Jenny N. Braat  and Peter K. Sørensen in front of Danish maritime's headquarters..