SenseLab sound quality laboratories

To ensure a fast, reliable and flexible sound quality and sensory evaluation to our customers, we apply own standard compliant laboratories to carry out a wide range of perceptual tests of hi-tech products that appeal to end-users’ hearing and vision.

SenseLab listening room

We hold an EBU Tech 3276/ITU-R BS.1116-3 compliant listening room, and two small sized listening booths with low background noise levels and controlled acoustic properties.

The listening room can be setup for real device testing or calibrated audio/visual/VR multi-channel sound reproduction using our test platform SenseLabOnline under highly controlled conditions incl. ambient lightning and strict temperature regulation.

The loudspeaker setup for multichannel reproduction is based on Genelec loudspeakers configured for the major broadcast layouts: 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, 11.1, 22.2.

The reproduction system can easily be configured to other loudspeaker layouts.

SenseLab laboratory equipment

Throughout our lab, we apply high-quality components and measuring equipment including:

  • Brüel and Kjær – HATS (type 5128, 4128C & 4100D)
  • G.R.A.S. – Kemar 45BB
  • Brüel and Kjær – calibration systems and sound level meters
  • Listen Inc. – SoundCheck
  • Rhode & Schwarz – CMU200
  • DPA and Brüel and Kjær microphones
  • Genelec loudspeakers
  • RME – Soundcards, headphone amplifiers and D/A converters
  • Wide selection of industry standard headphones (Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic)
  • SenseLabOnline

SenseLab sound library

As a customer, you are ensured realistic conditions for testing your products at our laboratories, as we continuously develop our library of high-quality and updated sounds/content material.

Our library consists of high quality recorded speech material of various content, and talkers. We also produce our own Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) real-life captured scenes with 360 video, that when played over our 26 channel loudspeaker setup can create a close to real-life exposure to products and test subjects in our listening room.

To learn more about the laboratories, contact us or read more here about SenseLab.

We incorporate human perception in product development
SenseLab sound quality laboratories are placed in Hørsholm, Denmark.

SenseLab Rapid Speaker Spinner

A set of rotary loudspeaker stands ensure that the speakers are always in the same position for the listener at SenseLab.