Meet the SenseLab team

Building a future-ready portfolio of solutions within perceptual evaluation and sound quality.

An international profile 

The SenseLab team has an exceptional experience in the field of perceptual evaluation and provide services to a range of cutting-edge national and international companies

We share knowledge and insights with some of the world’s leading experts in acoustics and external noise.

Through close corporation with industry leaders and universities, the SenseLab team continuously contributes to the academic development in the field of perceptual audio evaluation.

Meet our experts

Søren Vase Legarth
Team Manager, Senior Specialist
Tel +45 4325 0410
  Michelle Herlufsen
Tel +45 4325 0152 
  Christer P. Volk
Senior Specialist
Tel +45 4325 0438
Tore Stegenborg-Andersen
Senior specialist
Tel +45 4325 1374
  Randy Frans Fela
PhD Student
Tel +45 4325 0231
  Jesper Gøtsche Hansen
Torben Holm Pedersen
Senior Consultant
Tel +45 4325 1017
  Melina Holm
Business Development Manager
  Christina Kjær
Tel +45 4325 1092

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