Partners in AM Link

AM Link consist of a range of complementary companies focusing on 3D print and Additive Manufacturing. 

3d printhuset am link partner

3D Printhuset is widely known for our work with a broad variety of 3D technologies. Our different hardware enables us to assist with both service or sales of products.

AM Link partner  alexiou tryde

Strategy and Product Design optimised for the exciting new dynamics of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, bringing improved functionality, flexibility and logistics.

damvig Am link partner

We take pride in delivering the best 3D printing - every time! We do that with respect for our customer's work and confidentially. Our 3D methods and passionate employees help accelerate customer processes.

voxen am link partner

Specialists in manufacturing and assembling special mechanical components in metal, plastic etc. Precision Manufacturing of components and spare parts for Aerospace, Medical and Food Industry, Offshore and Automotive Industry.
AS9100 and ISO9001 certified.

weartec am link partner

Weartec holds an extensive knowledge of materials. We are capable of delivering all relevant materials for a wide range of different Additive Manufacturing or 3D print processes.