FORCE Technology adds a new closed MEGA loop to the facilities in Vejen. Based on the same technology as the existing high-pressure calibration facility, it will operate at a stable flow and pressure.

Ready for Power-to-X

The MEGA loop will be almost three times the size of the existing loop in terms of length, meter section, meter sizes and maximum flow. The most significant difference is the size and capacity. The MEGA loop will be hydrogen-ready for the transition to Power-to-X with the ability to operate with up to 25% hydrogen.

The MEGA loop will have the following capacity

  • Flow of 65.000 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 65 bar g
  • Meter sizes up to 56" - 60"
  • Meter lines of 48 metres in length
  • 30" length compensator with a horizontal movement of 2 metres
  • Dp over the MUT system up to 1,5 bar