FORCE Technology has a large range of test facilities and can conduct test according to the majority of product standards and generic standards.

Temperature and humidity chamber

1-50 m3, -100°C to +250°C, 20% RH to 98% RH

Temperature change

From -100°C to +200°C, 5°C/min, though 60°C/min in HALT or 2-chamber method

Thermal vacuum chamber

1 m3, -40°C to +85°C, atmospheric pressure down to better than 1.3x10-3 Pa

Salt mist chamber

+30°C to +40°C, 98% RH, typical 5% NaCl

IP (Ingress Protection) equipment (solid foreign objects and water)

Artificial sunlight equipment (UV simulation)

Corrosion chamber

SO2, H2S

Combined vibration and temperature

-70°C to +180°C


-100°C to +200°C, 60°C/min
70 grms (6-axis vibration)