Get your components life tested in the harshest and most aggressive environments to determine whether it is necessary to take the utmost expensive materials solution for your product.

The article has been published in the magazine Maskinmesteren no. 9, September 2018.

Unique test facilities

FORCE Technology provides their customers with a state-of-the-art test facility -  HPHT-Lab – in which customers as well as their manufacturers can get tests of components in aggressive environments, e.g. Hydrogen sulphide, while these components are being exposed to high pressure and temperatures, i.e. 350 °C and 350 bar.

Solid documentation provides safety

"Ultimately, the customers desire safety, whether they buy or sell solutions. As a supplier, you will become much more trustworthy, if you have tested your components in the way that we can do it for you at HPHT-Lab.

“You will receive an objective assessment from an advanced test facility, who holds no commercial interests in your product. That is very powerful documentation to be supplied alongside your solutions”, says Asbjørn Andersen, chemical engineer working at HPHT-Lab.

Read the entire article from the Maskinmesteren (in Danish): Komponenter nedbrydes i unikke testfaciliteter.


Component in HPHT lab
Examination of component from a pump after a corrosion test