At this masterclass, Annette Baltzer Larsen, lead consultant at FORCE Technology, will share her knowledge on how to achieve food safety and uniform product quality.

The importance of hygiene to food quality

We can all agree that unsafe foods should not be sold. On top of that, uniform product quality is highly desirable because it is key to retail success. One of the most important elements needed to achieve this is a high level of hygiene along the entire production line, from raw ingredients to finished products.

Applying hygienic design principles

For instance, biofilms can form during production, and these films can contaminate products with microorganisms. Effective cleaning is crucial to safely starting production. Cleaning is necessary to ensure that bioflims are completely removed, such that production can resume in a clean system. The key to quick and effective cleaning is the use of hygienically designed production equipment.

Knowledge of hygienic design is essential for identifying points along the production line where the existing design is hygienically deficient. Additionally, hygienic design is an important tool for quickly and effectively identifying critical "hot spots" where contamination may have occurred.

This masterclass was offered in collaboration with Danish Food Innovation.

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