Safety awareness and behaviour of the employees is a cornerstone for companies operating in the maritime industry. 

Psychometric test of the crew members is an effective way to optimise the skills of the crew and the company’s safety culture.

The psychometric test provides important insight into the crew members’ likely reactions in safety-critical situations, and the way they cooperate in teams. This insight enables the management team to guide and support their crew in handling critical situations so that loss is avoided.

To make a psychometric test, the participant must answer a questionnaire which can be completed online. Based on the psychometric test results, our human factors specialists make psychological safety profiles indicating e.g. how the persons cooperate with others, how they acquire new skills, their likely risk behaviour and their reaction patterns when stressed or exhausted.

Various parameters are specified in the test results and marked with a colour code system. This helps pinpointing suggested actions and training needs so that the staff can improve their skills and consequently improve their job performance and minimise their risk behaviour. 

Training designed for the individual

The advantage of the psychometric test results is that they can form the basis for identifying further training needs for the individual employee. Rather than choosing one course to fit all crew members, this training approach takes outset in the particular person’s profile and training needs which will benefit the company to a larger degree. By designing the training to the individual needs of the staff, it is possible to improve the skills and joint safety culture of your crew. 

The training is organised as individually oriented, intensive training based on the participants' personal safety profile. The safety profile is the ‘diagnosis’, and the training course is the ‘cure’. Throughout the course - from the first test to completion of the training - the officer is accompanied by FORCE Technology's experienced psychologists who, besides their psychology skills, also have solid practical knowledge about work on board ships.
FORCE Technology provides a range of training courses that support the maritime industry. For further information about the psychometric test and our training calendar, read more here.