After 12 June 2017, it will only be possible to place the majority of radio products on the European market if the product has been type approved by a Notified Body in accordance with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). This applies to almost all radio products, including those which have been approved earlier for the R&TTED.

By Jakob Steensen

From 13 June 2017, all radio products in the EU must comply with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). As there are still only a few harmonised standards, the only way of approving many radio products is currently to obtain a type approval from a Notified Body.

FORCE Technology is a Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive (NB no. 0200). As Denmark’s only RED Notified Body, we will be busy helping our customers to obtain type approval in the months leading up to June 2017.

Plan your type approval now

A product’s technical documentation must be reviewed as a whole, and FORCE Technology can make checklists available for this prior to the actual certification.

An EU-Type Examination is carried out as follows:

  • The manufacturer fills out a short application form for certification
  • FORCE Technology supplies a detailed checklist so that the manufacturer is aware of precisely what the technical dossier must contain
  • The manufacturer uploads its technical dossier to a shared online workspace which is made available by FORCE Technology
  • FORCE Technology reviews the dossier and provides feedback should any documentation be missing
  • The manufacturer amends the documentation and notifies FORCE Technology when it is all ready
  • FORCE Technology performs a final review; should it prove necessary, any further iterations are agreed upon
  • Should test reports be missing for the current versions of appropriate standards, FORCE Technology’s test laboratories can carry out the relevant tests
  • FORCE Technology issues a type approval certificate.