Exchange experience with knowledgeable colleagues and exploit the potential in HALT and HASS even better.


Highly Accelerated Limit Testing (HALT) is a development tool that cost and time efficiently identifies weak points of products under development, while Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) identifies weak points related by the production process.

Meet the requirements for product development

Developers of products face ever more stringent requirements – short time-to-market, robust products with large and known strength margins in relation to user impacts, mature products without teething troubles at the start of production, as little as possible rework in production and few warranty and service costs. HALT and HASS are methods for meeting these requirements. It is a relative new philosophy, which only recently has been described in standards for the first time, e.g. EC 62506:2013.

All aspects of HALT and HASS

The participants of the ERFA Group exchange knowledge and experience about HALT and HASS in relation to all types of products, whether it is electrical, mechatronic, mechanical, etc.

The group meets 2-3 times a year, the meetings taking place at a member’s address on a rotational basis.

The group works with all aspects of HALT and HASS, e.g.:

  • Considerations relating to the implementation of HALT and HASS
  • Relations with other types of tests
  • The benefits and limitations of the methods
  • Relevant stresses, i.e. both those which dedicated HALT/HASS equipment can execute and all the other stresses, which are relevant for the specific products
  • Equipment for HALT and HASS, and the practical application of such equipment
  • Failure mechanisms (a long-term goal is to generate a knowledge base of failure mechanisms)
  • Failure analysis
  • Implementation of modifications due to the results of HALT
  • Practical experience using HALT and HASS.

In other words, the exchange of experience with knowledgeable colleagues relating to an efficient testing technology, whose potential can be exploited even better – or in general – by many companies.

Learn more about the group here (in Danish).

HALT thinking

“To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone,” HYRUM W. SMITH

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler,” ALBERT EINSTEIN

“It is easy to see, it is hard to foresee,” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

SPM’s 12 ERFA Groups

Information about each single ERFA Group is available on SPM’s website.

5. Product safety – approval
6. Reliability
7. Micro connection technology
8. Production engineering
9. EMC
10. Environmental testing and design
11. Planning and development of production testing
13. Thermally correct appliance design
16. Failure analysis of electronic components
20. DFMA – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
21. SPM Masterclass

More info

For more information, contact Senior Specialist Susanne Otto, tel. +45 43 25 10 13.