Banedanmark is building the Ringsted Line for high-speed trains. We have carried out welding inspections on the 510 meter long bridge which has 20 km weld joints.

Banedanmark is building Denmark´s first rail line for high-speed trains, the Ringsted Line, between Copenhagen and Ringsted. The rail line will disentangle a complex knot of commuter, international passenger and freight transport.

The principal contractor CG Jensen has chosen FORCE Technology to supervise the largest and most complicated railway bridge on the line. The bridge crosses the O4 motorway at Vallensbæk, southwest of Copenhagen, where more than 66,000 vehicles speed by daily. 

Casting a concrete bridge would cause significant disruptions to traffic. For this reason, Banedanmark has chosen to build a composite bridge using steel and concrete. 

The bridge is 510 metres long and consists of 19 giant steel “shoeboxes” of up to 39 metres in length. The sections are welded together on site and supported by six concrete legs. A concrete deck is cast on top of them, making it possible for two trains to pass each other.

The bridge has a guaranteed lifetime of 120 years and contains more than 20 km of weld joints.

“We´ve been in discussions about materials, weld joints, manufacturing and NDT procedures with the contractor, the structural engineer and the workshop. We´ve carried out welding inspections during manufacturing in Poland and assisted the contractor throughout the process,” explains our consultant Peter Krabbe-Christensen.

We have supervised the production of the largest and most complicated bridge on the Ringsted Line