KROHNE's 30" ultrasonic meter was successfully calibrated in 2017 at our facility in Vejen, Denmark - the largest meter ever to be calibrated at the facility and the first of its size to be mounted.

Biggest USM meter to be calibrated

Meter manufacturer KROHNE's large ultrasonic meter of an impressive 30" size was calibrated in June 2017 at our high-pressure facility in Vejen, Denmark.

The meter is the largest meter ever to be calibrated at the facility, and it was the first meter of it's size to be mounted on the rig. 

We performed a standard calibration of the USM meter, which was performed without any issues.

New spools

The high-pressure facility was recently upgraded with new spols, making it possible to handle meters of sizes such as the 30" ulstrasonic meter. The new calibration spools are white and are visible on the pictures below.

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