Being part of a large supply chain poses high demands for flexibility and quality. Learn how FORCE Technology and Ametek cooperate when ensuring calibrated measuring equipment for a large international customer base.

Calibration of hydraulic force gauges for Ametek Denmark

Operating from over 150 locations across 30 countries worldwide poses many challenges to provide the end-customers with high-quality products. As a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, Ametek is not only dependent on successful internal procedures and high-quality products, but also on flexible solutions from sub suppliers.

Flexibility is thus a top priority for Ametek Denmark in a co-operation regarding initial calibration of hydraulic force gauges. The hydraulic force gauges are used for general force measurements, and come in a wide range of styles and sizes. They are used for occasional force checks, continuous loading or permanent installation. They are popular in many industries and particularly in the aviation industry.

Since 2013, the hydraulic gauge product line has been administrated from the Danish Ametek division, where a thousand new hydraulic force gauges are put on the market on a yearly basis.

Demands for high quality and technical solutions makes FORCE Technology the obvious choice

FORCE Technology supplies Ametek with the initial calibration of the gauges and guarantees the highest level of quality assurance and technical capacity.

Technically, the company owns a fully automatic hydraulic force standard machine with a build-up system. The machine can handle compression and tension up to 200 tons (2.000 kN) with an accuracy of 0,02% relative. This makes it five times more accurate than existing force calibration equipment on the Danish market.

When it comes to quality, FORCE Technology is the Designated Institute for force and pressure in Denmark and internationally recognized through ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation). The certificates issued by FORCE Technology are thus satisfying the quality standards of Ametek and their end-users world-wide.

Flexibility is just as important as quality

But when it comes to the execution, flexibility is imperative for a successful cooperation.

All the hydraulic force gauges are calibrated prior to shipment to the customers, which makes it essential that FORCE Technology can calibrate the gauges quickly after the orders have been placed. When the gauges are occasionally sent back, require service or reparation, FORCE Technology calibrates the gauges within a defined period and sends them back to the customers in due time.

This requires a fast-paced solution and effective logistics internally at FORCE Technology, that handles thousands of calibrations for customers on a yearly basis. To maintain the high quality in every single calibration, the team focuses on planning, communication and effective execution. This way, it is easier to make space for last minute changes.

For Ametek, this flexibility by a sub-supplier is the key to delivering an all-round high-quality experience to customers.

The successful cooperation is expanding

Since the beginning of the cooperation between Ametek Denmark and FORCE Technology 5 years ago, the scope of the agreement has grown bigger. Today, FORCE Technology is handling calibration and service of all Ametek pressure measurement equipment that has been distributed on the market in Europe and Asia.

And both parties are quite content.

 “A successful cooperation like the existing with FORCE Technology requires a lot of dialogue and a readiness for compromise from both sides. And now that we experience satisfaction from our customers, we are expanding our current cooperation”, says Henrik Olsen, Division Vice President STC EU Operations and Engineering at Ametek Denmark.

The cooperation with Ametek opened new opportunities for us, since we previously mostly handled calibration of measuring equipment in use. With this agreement, we experienced the positive effects of looking at internal procedures to find a solution that works for both companies, without compromising quality or regulations”, says Ole Tvede Larsen, Head of Department at FORCE Technology. 

Hydraulic force gauge from Ametek
Hydraulic force gauge from Ametek
Force measuring equipment - Denmark's largest force and pressure calibration machine at FORCE Technology
Fully automated hydraulic force standard calibration machine at FORCE Technology
Hydraulic force gauges for aircraft and aviation from Ametek
Hydraulic gauges in the aviation industry