Spillehallen.dk uses FORCE Technology to inspect and approve their online gambling systems for the Danish market. Knowledge of local regulations and Danish language are key factors.

FORCE Technology has controlled slot machines for many years in accordance with Danish legislation. Our customers have primarily been producers and owners of slot machines and casinos. Since the new Gaming Act came into force in Denmark with the legalization of online gambling systems in 2012, we have also made inspections and approvals to the online gambling market for providers such as Spillehallen.dk.

Security for Spillehallen.dk

“We are very pleased with the strong cooperation that exists between FORCE Technology and the Danish Gambling Authority; it benefits us as a licensed operator," says Team Leader Kenneth Kim Knudsen, Spillehallen.dk.

“We are a subsidiary of Compugame-DAE A / S, which has for many years have had our physical machines approved by FORCE Technology. It is important that the inspectors know how the physical games work when approving online gambling systems. It facilitates the process. With a Danish provider, we avoid language barriers that can complicate the processes. Personal contact is important, and with a Danish provider we feel secure.”

Inspection of online gambling systems covers penetration testing, vulnerability testing and security related to money laundering, terrorist financing and questionable money transactions.