FORCE Technology is accredited to certify online games. This gives Danish providers the possibility of communicating without language barriers, when their online games are to be approved.

For many years, FORCE Technology has verified different physical games according to Danish legislation. Our customers have primarily been manufacturers and owners of various price-giving slot machines, casinos, Danske Spil and Klasselotteriet. Thus, it was natural for us in 2012 to enter the online market, in connection with the new Act on gaming and the legalisation of online games.


In order to certify online games, you must be approved by the Danish Gambling Authority. The requirement for this is that you have been accredited by the national accreditation body according to either ISO 17020 (inspection) or ISO 17025 (testing and calibration).

After thorough review of the list of rules for online games, set up by the Danish Gambling Authority, we decided to extend our accreditation 9005, Inspection of amusements and gas return-systems, to also include online games.

Because all games’ providers were obliged to obtain their certification during 2012, and because the Danish Gambling Authority’s rules were not ready until April, we have been under a huge pressure of time to extend the accreditation.

Special requirements for our personnel

We teamed up with an external business partner, as we do not ourselves dispose of the personnel who hold all the competences, as required by the Danish Gambling Authority.

Such competences must include penetration tests, vulnerability tests and safety in connection with money laundering, terror financing and shady money transactions.

Safety with the

”We are very pleased that a Danish body now exists to approve our online games”, recounts Country Manager and daily manager Peter Bregnhøj Lauritzen,

”We are a subsidiary of Compugame– DAE A/S, whose physical machines have been approved by FORCE Technology for many years. It is important that your inspectors know how the physical games work, when they are to approve online games. It eases the process. With a Danish provider we avoid language barriers, which may complicate the processes. Personal contact is important and with a Danish provider, we feel safe”.

Great expectations for a market in growth

Until now we have carried out inspections with several Danish providers of online games and because this part of the business is growing, we have great expectations for the future.